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Down Arrow

The Mission of HHN2L is to use the (k)Nown ) (k)Nowledge (N2) of Black youth using the elements of Hip Hop to educate and positively influence change through policy change, self-awareness, self-expression, and entrepreneurship.


Hip Hop Based Education (HHBE) provides new avenues for learning, predicated on self-awareness, expression, and critical thought. While nested in the constructs of critical theory culturally relevant pedagogy and self-awareness. HHBE is a relevant theory that seeks to bridge culturally relevant teaching to the classroom.

While HHBE has been reserved for middle and high school-aged students, its nonexistence in elementary classrooms is a disservice for teachers of urban populations and the youngest students who are influenced by Hip Hop through their caregivers and communities’ music, language, and cultural pastimes.

The official music video for “CROWN” by The Real Young Prodigys. The CROWN act seeks to create an open and respectful world for natural hair.

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to the real young prodigys for passing the crown act in their home city of louisville kentucky.


what we offer

HHN2L, INC. Provides a safe place for African American youth to develop their talents and tell their stories. Our programs seek to use hip-hop to reduce the occurrence of violence in the west Louisville and Newburg area, and to change the trajectory of our "at-promise" African American youth by providing our African American Youth a platform to be entrepreneurial!



At Wheatley Elementary School, a group of 5 fifth graders just wanted to rap in Mrs. Clayton-Taylor’s creative writing class. In this class, it was normal to see students using hip hop to write and express themselves until Mrs. Clayton-Taylor challenged them. The challenge, which was actually a dare, was for the 5-fifth graders to perform at a school function that was going to celebrate Phillis Wheatley. The students accepted the challenge and named themselves the Young Prodigys.



Mama asked me "son when the trappin' gon' quit?" Is a lyric from the song, Tshirt by the Migos. “The Trap”, “Trappin”, “Trap House” and “Trap Music” are common terms in the hip hop community and a sub-genre of hip hop music that started in Atlanta. The meaning of the word, trap, gets its meaning from selling drugs and explains the life of growing up in the south.

Teaching Respect About our Planet


How do we stop the violence in our community? We simply use music to help heal our students who have been suffering. This project will allow students to collaborate on a city-wide album and concert that addresses the violence in our communities using Hip Hop Based Education. Hip Hop Based Education (HHBE) provides new avenues for learning, predicated on self-awareness, expression, and critical thought.

Penz Up, Barz Down

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