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about us & our mission

Hip Hop Based Education (HHBE) provides new avenues for learning, predicated on self-awareness, expression, and critical thought. While nested in the constructs of critical theory culturally relevant pedagogy and self-awareness. HHBE is a relevant theory that seeks to bridge culturally relevant teaching to the classroom.

While HHBE has been reserved for middle and high school-aged students, its nonexistence in elementary classrooms is a disservice for teachers of urban populations and the youngest students who are influenced by Hip Hop through their caregivers and communities’ music, language, and cultural pastimes.

This notion is further problematized considering the minority majority report of 2014, which show minority student enrollment (50.3%) surpassing White student enrollment in U.S. schools (National Center for Educational Statistics,2014).

Therefore traditional pedagogic models, which privilege Eurocentric perspectives, will no longer be an adequate means of effective instruction for the majority of U.S. students.

Grappling within these educational contexts, academic leaders are eager to find effective pathways which bridge the achievement gap through culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP), and equitable teaching practice and will serve as this pathway by merging Hip-Hop Based Education, CRP, and Critical Literacy to help children who are most at-promise.

Our team


Nyree Clayton-Taylor

To engage, enlighten, and educate is NyRee Clayton-Taylor’s focus as she uses Hip-Hop Based Education (HHBE) to explore the therapeutic healing of writing, reading, and performing. By infusing the Kentucky Academic Standards and the elements of Hip-Hop, NyRee uses this non-traditional way to empower her students to write to heal.

NyRee didn’t think academic achievement was a possibility due to being retained in third grade, labeled with a learning disability, and characterized as a behavior problem. It wasn’t until a teacher saw her performing and encouraged her to use her talents to write poetry, that she decided to use her life as a catalyst. She changed her trajectory and became the first person in her family to graduate from college.

NyRee Clayton-Taylor considers her most significant contribution in education to be her ability to build relationships with students, parents, and teachers. Even now, as the 2019 KY Elementary Teacher of the Year, she shares her talents with students and colleagues through her leadership and volunteerism.


Antonio taylor

Antonio T-Made Taylor is a Graduate of Seneca High School C/O 93 Where he was voted "Most Talented" upon Graduation and was awarded an Honorary Scholarship from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Antonio studied Film and Communications at The Arts Institute Of Atlanta. He is the former host and co-producer of Da Show TV which aired on The CW Network for 4 seasons(2008-2012). Antonio was also a Producer at Def Jam Records under Jo JO Brimm's Burn Unit Productions from 1998-1999 and eventually was signed as an artist, producer, and a&r at Travio Records a New York based Indy Label distributed by Motown/Universal. He worked with acts such as Universal Recording Artist and Teddy Riley protege’ Queen Pen,Motown/Universal Artist Pitch Black and his own R&B Group Alaye whom were formally signed to and mentored by Hip Hop Legend Heavy D. In 2001 Antonio returned home to Louisville, Ky to form his own Indy Label The Verdict Records and released one compilation album entitled The Truth in 2004 which was distributed by BDE Distribution and can now be found on Apple Music and Spotify.

He is also a self proclaimed Hip Hop Historian, and Community Activist. In his spare time he loves to act working as a thespian who prefers scripts around social content and historical events. He is married to Nyree Clayton-Taylor of Louisville, Ky. and has two sons and one step daughter.

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